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modern day

Snow White retelling with a vampire twist.

Season One

Prey and Magic, Masquerade's Moon, Seal of Gabriel, Telltale Kisses

Love Bleeds, Eye of Abernathy, Resolved to Rule, Vampire Ever After

Or, you can purchase all twelve volumes together. 

Or you can purchase the Blood and Snow Season One Omnibus Collection, which contains all 12 volumes + the four short stories. 

Includes all 12 volumes in the first season of Blood and Snow as well as the short stories: Cindy Witch, The Hunter's Tale, Gabriel, After the Kiss

Can't get enough of the Blood and Snow world? 
Check out these stories:

Cindy Witch

Summary: Cindy is a witch. And she has a mission. With the help of a snarky dragon, five of the seven brothers, and an eccentric old professor, they embark on a dangerous quest to rescue Snow White’s mother from the realm of Mizu. When all is said and done, one thing is certain. The fate of the world is balanced precariously. A single false move, and it’ll all crumble.

Summary: The Hunter was banished for his betrayal; shamed and alone, he sought out ways to dispel his guilt. But when rumors of a new Vampire reach him, he realizes he has one choice: seek her out.

Summary: Keeping the peace between humans and magical creatures is a job Gabe never wanted. As the leader of the Chayot--considered by some to be Angels--he doesn't have a choice.

Summary: Snow is with her true love but is it happily ever after? 

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